Technotrenn – more than chemicals

Since 1953, we have been developing and manufacturing chemical industrial products in aerosol cans or as bulk product – also for the food processing sector

Release Agents and Lubricants

Based on silicones and non-silicones for a broad range of temperatures and variety of applications for almost all branches find out more

Cleaning Agents

Industrial cleaners, biological cleaning agents, glass cleaner, graffiti remover and further special cleaning agents for a variety of applications
find out more

Maintenance and Protection

Antistatics, stainless steel spray, corrosion protection, chains and cable grease, coolants, maintenance oils, PTFE oil, release waxes, gun maintenance, zinc/aluminium spray find out more

Crack Detection

With our colour penetrant crack detection set (non-destructive testing) you can find very fine cracks in welding seams and on the surfaces of metal and plastic objects find out more

Special Products

Continuous development, also due to different customer requirements – your enquiries are very welcome! find out more


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KSF 100

Our special Chains and Cable Grease
Very adherent and high protection against corrosion
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Do you already know our products for the Food Processing Sector with NSF-Certicate?

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“Pioneers of release agent technology

for more than 60 years.”

Robert Tredwell